Rocky Shi

Rocky Shi: Visionary Leader at Rise Entertainment and TAOST

As the innovative founder and CEO of Rise Entertainment and Co-Founder and CEO of TAOST, Rocky Shi has established himself as a formidable figure in the media industry. Residing in London, UK, his journey in the corporate world began with a pivotal role in the celebrated Sanlitun Intercontinental Hotel project, recognized as the world's only 5-Star Forbes IHG property.

Why the TAOST platform exists: At its core, TAOST.Club serves as a vibrant Membership-based ecosystem aimed at nurturing and bringing to fruition the projects of creators. Recognizing the myriad of exceptional stories that remain untold or underdeveloped, TAOST.Club harnesses the strength of its community, supported by the expertise of a professional studio and industry veterans. It opens a gateway for creators to narrate their stories in their unique voice, ensuring that no story goes unheard.

He has also ventured into the film industry with personal investments in several notable movies, including "Chinese Doctors" (2021), "Flowers in the Field" (2020), and "Ordinary Hero" (2022), showing a clear commitment to diverse cinematic ventures.

Rocky Shi's career in Beijing spanned two years before he transitioned to London to pursue his passion for film, TV, and content creation. In London, he founded Rise Entertainment, a groundbreaking startup dedicated to connecting and empowering visual effects artists, animators, digital artists, creators, writers, directors, and studios.

His professional interests are extensive, encompassing virtual protection, visual effects for film and TV, and various forms of animation such as 2D, 3D, and Unreal Engine. Additionally, he has a keen interest in game design, digital art, streaming platforms, and film production studios. His curiosity also extends to crypto, intelligent contracts, NFTs, and global markets, enriching his business acumen and personal growth.

Personal Background

Born in 1996 in California and raised in San Marino, California, Shi pursued his early education in his hometown until the 12th grade. His academic path led him to New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, where he completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2018. Post-graduation, he embarked on a new chapter in Beijing, China.

Educational Milestones

His educational journey culminated at San Marino High School in May 2014. He then advanced to New York University – Tisch School of the Arts, graduating in 2018 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Interests Outside Work

When not immersed in his business and market studies, he indulges in a variety of activities. A keen follower of NFTs, he also finds joy in watching movies with loved ones. His passions extend to reading, writing, and enjoying leisurely rounds of golf. A pianist at heart, he relaxes through music. His adventurous spirit takes him on travels, immersing himself in local cultures and activities that resonate with his deep-seated love for film and visual effects.

Fun FactIn the realm of acting, Rocky Shi is celebrated for his role in The Karate Kid (2010), where his ability to convey deep emotions and ideas has made him a beloved figure among fans.